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Here's the form for the Tree Seedling Sale!


The Spring/Summer 2017 Cat-Tails is here!

2017 Art Fair Vendor Application

Click here for your PDF copy of the 2017 Art Fair Vendor Application

2017 Intern Posting
This is a college internship that provides assistance to Naturalist in conducting educational programs and other activities for both students and other visitors. Coordinates and leads student and special groups.     Intern Posting Document     City Application 

Keep Wildlife Wild
Wisconsin's year-round outdoor activities bring people outside to enjoy the natural environment and have an opportunity to view and appreciate wildlife resources. Wild animals are valued by many, and it's important to observe them at a respectful distance to keep them wild and allow for their life in the wild to continue. Read the DNR article here.

Field Trip Guide

Cub Scout Clinics
Here's the link to to Cub Scout Registration Forms for 2015-2016.

Eagle Plates

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is now issuing a new Endangered Resources license plate that features a photo rendition of an American Bald Eagle. The eagle plate is the third in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Endangered Resources series.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin DOT web page!

Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Have you found a baby animal that seems to need help? Start here.